Big Bang AR app - Background information

Why an AR app?

Augmented, or mixed, reality because an app telling the story of the universe should be immersive: everything around us – and we – are part of it. No matter in which direction we turn, the universe looks the same – the same cosmic microwave background, the same composition of stars, the same density of galaxies, etc. The augmented reality should make this clear.

Key messages from the app:

The universe had a beginning – 13.8 billion years ago;

The age of our solar system – and the Earth – is about 4.6 billion years, just 1/3 of the age of the universe.

The universe developed like a very big, self-assembling Lego game, with quarks forming protons and neutrons, then light nuclei, atoms and molecules, cells and multi-cellular organisms. Just two types of quarks and electrons make up all the atoms and molecules of matter – and us.

You (and everything else) are 13.8 billion years old, and the particles in your body are eternal.

90% of the elements making up your body stem from a Supernova explosion; about 10% from the Big Bang.

What can I learn about?

The app will show the result of all the big discoveries made during the last century.

Exciting topics:

- What happened at the beginning of space and time?

- What are the most fundamental particles?

- How did they form the structures that we observe today? From protons/neutrons, nuclei, atoms, stars, planets, Earth and life?

- You are 13.8 billion years old, and 90% of the elements in your body have been produced in a star!

Where can I download the app?

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