Next step, the Tour de France?

15 Jul 2013 | Update - For CERN people | Anaïs Schaeffer | The penultimate stage of the 2013 Tour de France, the Annecy-Semnoz time-trial, has already been won – by a CERN staff member

Critical mass

28 Jun 2013 | Image | Cyclists who took part in this year's Bike to Work challenge pose with their bikes after a critical mass ride around CERN

Stay fit and have fun: Bike to work!

22 May 2013 | Update - For CERN people | Jens Vigen | This June, CERN will take part in the Swiss "Bike to Work" campaign once again

Under-mountain biking

12 Apr 2013 | Image | Technicians cycle to work inside the 27-kilometre LHC tunnel, which runs below the Jura mountains in France

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