LHC report

LHC report: Run 1 - the final flurry

18 Feb 2013 | Update - For scientists | Mike Lamont | The proton-lead run was an unqualified success and a testament to painstaking preparation by the ion team

LHC report: proton-ion run continues

1 Feb 2013 | Update - For scientists | Caroline Duc | Proton-ion operation has become routine for the LHC operation crew with all seven LHC experiments simultaneously taking data for first time

LHC report: Ion Age

21 Jan 2013 | Update - For scientists | John Jowett | The LHC starts the New Year facing a new challenge: proton-lead collisions in the last month before the shutdown in mid-February

LHC report: 25ns spacing yields record beam intesity

18 Dec 2012 | Update - For scientists | Record number of 2,748 proton bunches injected into the LHC giving a record beam intensity of around 2.7 x 10^14 protons in both beams

LHC report: omnium-gatherum

3 Dec 2012 | Update - For scientists | The last couple of weeks have seen a mixed bag of special runs, luminosity production, machine development and down-time

LHC report: Level best

20 Nov 2012 | Update - For scientists | The number of the events the detector can handle per bunch crossing is limited. Even so, LHCb wants to integrate as much luminosity as possible

LHC report: Ticking over

22 Oct 2012 | Update - For scientists | The past two weeks have seen luminosity production rates vary somewhat but the overall upwards slope has remained steady

LHC Report: Rocky XIV

10 Sep 2012 | Update - For scientists | The LHC has been in luminosity production mode for a couple of weeks - the total integrated luminosity for the year has passed 14 inverse femtobarns

LHC Report: Timeout is over!

27 Aug 2012 | Update - For scientists | A 10% decrease in the LHC's peak luminosity can be explained by changing bunch intensities. Jan Uythoven reports

LHC update: 3 August 2012

3 Aug 2012 | Update - For CERN people | Good performance followed recovery from extended luminosity calibration runs


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