MINERvA searches for wisdom among neutrinos

23 Apr 2014 | Update - For scientists | Christine Sutton | MINERvA seeks to make precise measurements of neutrino cross-section on light and heavy nuclei

Neutrinos and nucleons

11 Apr 2014 | Update - For scientists | Christine Sutton | Measurements with neutrinos seemed impossible eight decades ago, but by 1974 the Gargamelle team had used them to reveal the quark structure of matter

CERN connects with IceCube to bring science to schools

29 Jan 2014 | Update - For students & educators | High schoolers from Europe and the US paid a recent virtual visit to CMS at CERN and the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica

New results from T2K

22 Oct 2013 | Update - For scientists | Watch the webcast today at 11am CET of new results from the Tokai to Kamioka (T2K) long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment situated in Japan

The centenary of Bruno Pontecorvo

22 Aug 2013 | Update - For the public | Far-reaching insights of Italian physicist Bruno Pontecorvo had a big impact on particle physics

Neutrino telescopes point towards exotic physics

13 Aug 2013 | Update - For scientists | Christine Sutton | With the IceCube and ANTARES telescopes completed, there was plenty to discuss at the second Workshop on Exotic Physics with Neutrino Telescopes

Forty years of neutral currents

19 Jul 2013 | Update - For the public | Cian O'Luanaigh | On 19 July 1973, physicists working with the Gargamelle bubble chamber at CERN presented the first direct evidence of the weak neutral current

La cave à bulles

24 Jun 2013 | Image | An impromptu sign outside the PS South Hall in 1963 announces the wonders within

CERN Neutrinos to Gran Sasso

23 Jan 2012 | Accelerator | To unravel some of the mysteries surrounding neutrinos, CERN sends a beam through 732 kilometres of solid rock to the CNGS project in Italy

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