Accelerator physicists take the long view at EUCARD'13

11 Jun 2013 | Update - For the public | Ashley WennersHerron | Cian O'Luanaigh | In a workshop today at CERN, speakers at the EUCARD'13 meeting discussed challenges for the next 50 years of accelerator physics


11 Dec 2012 | Experiment | The neutron time-of-flight facility (nTOF) studies neutron-nucleus interactions for neutron energies ranging from a few meV to several GeV

CERN’s neutrons fly higher

26 Jun 2012 | Update - For CERN people | A new experimental facility and neutron beamline will provide nTOF with its highest neutron flux yet – good news for experiments downbeam


20 Jan 2012 | Experiment | COMPASS investigates how quarks and gluons interact to give the particles we observe

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