Linear accelerator 2

17 Sep 2012 | Accelerator | Linac 2 is the starting point for the protons used in physics experiments at CERN

LHC collides protons with lead ions for the first time

13 Sep 2012 | Update - For the public | Cian O'Luanaigh | The switch - a test for a longer proton-lead run scheduled for January to February 2013 - presented numerous technical challenges


9 Feb 2012 | Experiment | The 'Total elastic and diffractive cross-section measurement' experiment studies particles thrust forward by collisions in the LHC

The Large Hadron Collider

8 Feb 2012 | Accelerator | The 27-kilometre LHC is the world's largest particle accelerator. It collides protons or lead ions at energies approaching the speed of light

The Proton Synchrotron

23 Jan 2012 | Accelerator | A workhorse of CERN's accelerator complex, the Proton Synchrotron has juggled many types of particle since it was first switched on in 1959

New results from LHCf proton collisions at 7 TeV

16 Jan 2012 | Update - For scientists | Results from the luminosity scan in 7TeV proton-proton collisions are now available online

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