X-ray tests: Night at the collider

25 Nov 2013 | Update - For the public | Barbara Warmbein | When night falls over CERN, a team of X-ray experts go underground to perform tests on the Large Hadron Collider

Safety call

30 Oct 2013 | Image | Safety training under way in a realistic mock-up of the LHC tunnel

Bubble bath

Foam filling the empty CMS cavern

25 Jun 2013 | Image | Spectacular test of the fire extinguishing system in the underground cavern of the CMS experiment in 2006 creates giant bubble bath

Coping with stress and with back pain

18 Apr 2013 | Update - For CERN people | On 28 April each year, the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization organise a World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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