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CERN Community: thanks for taking part in the CERN & Society Foundation anniversary game

See the winners and solution below


(Image: Amandine Devouassoux/CERN)

Thank you to all who participated in the CERN & Society Foundation (CSF) anniversary game for the CERN Community.

We hope you learned interesting things about the CERN & Society Foundation and its mission.

Congratulations to Karan Nautiyal (BE-ICS), Michael Hemmett (EP-UAT) and Thibaut Lang (EN-AA), who all had the correct answer and were selected in the prize draw. They each win a CERN & Society Foundation water bottle.

The answer of the game is 327 293. It is the sum of numbers that appear on-screen in the CSF 10th anniversary impact video. (We also accepted 327 297, as some of you included the 4 from “Beamline 4 Schools” ;)).