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Dismantling of work around R1 extension to take place over end-of-year closure


A building covered in scaffolding and protective covering

Since September, the Restaurant 1 extension has been undergoing consolidation work. This took place to repair its roof overhangs and to secure the glass doors that frequently broke, which compromised public safety and often required costly interventions. In this framework, the SCE department has undertaken extensive work, which  highlighted other unforeseen issues and further consolidation needs. This extended the work beyond the two-initially-planned months.

The work has now been completed. However, the removal of the scaffolding and protective covering, which acted as an umbrella over the construction, will require the use of a crane. To limit the impact of the crane installation on the parking des Cèdres, ensure totally safe operations and reduce inconvenience for nearby occupants and users, the SCE department has chosen to dismantle the whole installation during the annual end-of-year closure.

The work installations will remain until the end of the year. The restaurant extension will remain fully accessible to users, as it has been throughout this period.

The SCE department thanks you for your understanding and apologises for any inconvenience.