Keeping machine tools safe

Specialists in the HSE Unit will inspect 1100 machine tools in the coming weeks. They're here to help keep you and your tool safe

CERN’s third safety objective for 2012 concerns the safety machine tools. There are three prerequisites for ensuring that a machine tool can be used safely:

  • the machine tool must comply with Directive 2009/104/EC
  • the layout of the workshop must be compliant
  • everyone who uses the machine tool must be trained

Provided these conditions are met, the workshop head can grant authorization to use the machine tool. To fulfil this objective, HSE Unit's Safety Inspection Service draws up an inventory of the tools and their users, and produces machine-tool compliance reports. HSE will inspect a total of 1100 machines.

CERN has a duty to ensure its equipment is well maintained and fully compliant. Specialists in the HSE Unit are available to take you through the risk-analysis process for machine tools and to help you take steps to ensure compliance. The HSE Unit is here to help and can provide you with the relevant Safety Rules and interactive software. This service is free so make sure you use it! Any questions? Contact us

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