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New and improved first-aid training scheme launched at CERN

Take part in CERN’s new comprehensive first-aid scheme, with two dedicated programmes to learn how to save lives and prevent occupational hazards


First Aid training session
Training to become a workplace first-aider (SST). (Image: CERN)

Based on field experience and feedback from participants over the years, the HSE unit – represented by the Fire and Rescue Service, the Medical Service and the Safety Training Service – has designed a new and improved first-aid training scheme.

The new scheme comprises two complementary programmes: First Aid – Life-Saving Actions and First Aid – Workplace First-Aider (SST*).

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Learn how to use a defibrillator. (Image: CERN)

The First Aid – Life-Saving Actions programme covers basic first-aid techniques in just three hours. “The aim of this new, short and accessible programme, open to everyone working at CERN, is to teach as many people as possible what to do in the event of a medical emergency,” explains Julie Biringer, a CERN safety training expert. “The programme covers the most commonly encountered and most critical emergencies, teaching participants how to use a defibrillator, perform CPR and treat injuries, wounds and haemorrhages, as well as how to tackle unconsciousness and airway obstruction. Participants also learn how to raise the alarm and summon life support in the most efficient way.”

The First Aid – SST programme spans two days and its completion leads to the award of a certificate. This particular programme is reserved for members of the personnel put forward by the departments and experiments according to their strategic emergency response requirements and the specific risks at play. In addition to training people to perform first aid in the event of workplace accidents, this programme will also focus on prevention, i.e. reducing occupational risks.

The two programmes were rolled out in September 2021 and March 2022, respectively, and the number of available places will gradually increase in the coming months, with the goal of ultimately training several hundred people each year.

Take part by signing up now for the new First Aid – Life-Saving Actions programme or contact your supervisor, DSO (departmental safety officer) or LEXGLIMOS (Large Experiment Group Leader in Matters of Safety) to check if you are eligible for the First Aid – SST programme.


*SST: sauveteur secouriste du travail / workplace first-aider