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Survey on the impact of the international Geneva on the Lake Geneva region

CERN staff members are invited to participate in a survey on the impact of the International Geneva which aims to enable the Swiss authorities to understand trends and adapt, if necessary, the welcome policy.

The Swiss authorities have launched a survey on the impact of International Geneva on the Lake Geneva region. Its objective is to update the data related to the presence of international actors in the region, but also to determine their level of satisfaction with the services offered by public authorities. This information will allow the authorities to understand trends and adapt, if necessary, their welcome policy.

CERN encourages staff members to participate in this survey by completing the questionnaire developed by the Institute for Applied Research in Economics and Management of the University of Geneva and the Geneva School of Business Administration. All employees of international and non-governmental organizations, as well as permanent missions and multinational companies in the Lake Geneva region are also invited to participate in this survey.

It is specified that CERN is not involved in this survey and will not have access to the data collected as part of this questionnaire.