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Arts at CERN awarded European Commission’s S+T+ARTS Grand Prize for Innovative Collaboration

Arts at CERN wins the Grand Prize for groundbreaking initiatives at the nexus of science, technology and the arts

Swiss artists Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet (AATB) with scientist Laura Lambert at the MEDICIS facility during their residency with Arts at CERN (image: CERN)

Swiss artists Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet (AATB) with scientist Laura Lambert at the MEDICIS facility during their residency with Arts at CERN (image: CERN)

The European Commission’s S+T+ARTS initiative has awarded Arts at CERN, the arts programme of the Laboratory, the prestigious Grand Prize for Innovative Collaboration in recognition of its efforts to establish transformative collaborations that connect society with science and research.

Two S+T+ARTS Prizes are awarded annually – one for Innovative Collaboration and one for Artistic Exploration – to outstanding projects that show significant impact on social and economic innovation at the convergence of science, technology and the arts, with each receiving €20 000 in prize money. The Grand Prize ceremony will take place on 5th September at the 2024 Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, where Arts at CERN will present an exhibition highlighting the collaborative nature of its programmes. As CERN commemorates its 70th anniversary, the exhibition will showcase the Laboratory as a unique environment for creativity, collaboration and artistic inquiry.

The mission of Arts at CERN – a programme funded by the CERN & Society Foundation – is to facilitate dialogue between artists and the CERN community. Since the launch of the first artist residency in 2012, over 250 artists from around the globe have been invited to experience how fundamental science can address the unresolved questions about our universe, engaging with over 1000 scientists and the entire vibrant community of CERN.

Initially focused on artist residencies, Arts at CERN’s programmes have evolved to encompass art commissions, exhibitions and events that bridge the gap between art, science and society. Guided by the vision that science forms an integral part of contemporary culture, Arts at CERN has cultivated a global collaboration network, partnering with scientific laboratories, cultural organisations and research centres.

“Art and science are essential pillars of society, and artists and scientists share common core-values: curiosity and the passion to understand the world on a deeper level. At CERN, we have always believed that these two fields could grow together through creative interaction, and that is the basis of Arts at CERN. The S+T+ARTS Prize acknowledges the effort of the team to create meaningful encounters between artists and scientists and recognises Arts at CERN as a leading programme for engagement between art and science”, says Charlotte Warakaulle, Director for International Relations at CERN.

Since 2018, Arts at CERN has supported 35 art commissions, enabling artists to embark on creative explorations alongside scientific partners and experiments. In return, scientists gain fresh perspectives on their research through the transformative lens of artistic expression. A notable milestone was achieved with the recent launch of the CERN Science Gateway, which features new commissions by former artists in residence at CERN that seek to inspire both the scientific community and the public.

Through Arts at CERN, the Laboratory continues to explore the profound significance of fundamental research in our society. By offering spaces for artistic inquiry within the research context, CERN sets itself apart as a unique place for cultural innovation.


About S+T+ARTS

S+T+ARTS is a large-scale initiative of the European Commission that aims to bring technology and artistic practice together in a way that benefits both European innovation policy and the art world. The initiative promotes and supports people and projects that contribute to tackling Europe's social, environmental and economic challenges.

S+T+ARTS Prize

Part of the S+T+ARTS initiative is the prestigious S+T+ARTS Prize, which is awarded to two projects annually, each of them receiving 20 000 in prize money. The competition honours innovative projects at the nexus of art, technology and science that contribute to economic and social innovation.

The S+T+ARTS Prize is coordinated by Ars Electronica, on behalf of the European Commission, together with the consortium partners INOVA+, French Tech Grande Provence, Media Solution Center Baden-Württemberg, Salzburg Festival, Sonar, T6 Ecosystems and Kustodie at TU Dresden University of Technology.

The jury for the 2024 S+T+ARTS Prize was composed of Francesca Bria, Fumi Hirota, Manuela Naveau, Katja Schechtner and Miha Turšič.