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Big bangs: STOMP at CERN

Hear what happened when percussion group STOMP visited CERN and created more than a few big bangs


See, and hear, the results of percussion group STOMP’s visit to CERN (Video: Jacques Fichet/CERN)

On Friday 6 January, the percussion group STOMP took time out from their worldwide tour to visit CERN. After seeing the Synchrocyclotron, Antiproton Decelerator and S’Cool Lab, it was time to bring out the drumsticks.

In the Microcosm garden – home to items from CERN’s history including the Gargamelle bubble chamber and a LEP RF cavity – the cast sprang into action. With sticks whirring and hips shaking, they brought life and fantastic sound to the normally silent, sombre artefacts.

The performance built to a crescendo at the LHC dipole magnet next to the Globe of Science and Innovation. There, the whole group leapt towards the magnet giving voice to the mighty blue tube in deep, resonating, powerful beats.

The LHC never sounded so good. 


The STOMP percussion group at CERN (Image: CERN)


Disclaimer: No CERN objects were damaged in the making of this film. CERN does not normally encourage visitors to hit its historic objects and these trained percussionists were fully briefed beforehand to avoid fragile components.