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Change of mobile phone operator

On 24 June CERN's mobile phone operator changes; find out what you need to do to make the switch

On 24 June 2015 at 9 a.m., Swisscom becomes CERN’s mobile phone operator. As of this date, CERN mobile phone numbers will be 075 411 xxxx and people with a CERN mobile phone subscription must change their SIM card.

From 24 June 2015 at midday, all calls to the old Sunrise numbers (076 487 xxxx) will be deviated to a voicemail announcing the change of number. In order to automatically update CERN contacts in your CERN mailbox to the new GSM numbers 075 411 xxxx, you can use the following link: http://cern.ch/go/hTw6.


  • Change your SIM card and start using the Swisscom numbers as of 24 June at 9 a.m.
  • Inform your external contacts that your mobile number has changed.
  • Update your contact numbers on your phone, mailbox….
  • Review your procedures and documentation if you are using the old Sunrise numbering 076487xxxx/+4176487xxxx; update this where necessary or switch to using the abbreviated 16xxxx format.
  • Review your scripts, tools, applications, etc. that use the e-mail to SMS service.
  • Verify your electronic signature.
  • Change call forwarding between landlines and mobiles if you have it configured. More information here
  • Report any issue with your new mobile to the Telecom Lab, tel. 72480

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