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Come and play with HEAL in Microcosm!

A new interactive game in Microcosm informs about hadron therapy – come and test it!


Come and play with HEAL in Microcosm!

HEAL is a new interactive game currently under evaluation at Microcosm to inform visitors about hadron therapy, one aspect of the CERN-related contributions to the medical field.

Microcosm is continuously evolving and new content is installed regularly. One of the most recent exhibits is called HEAL - an interactive game with the aim of informing visitors about the hadron therapy to treat cancer. It has been developed by Jenny Rompa, a PhD student at CERN, within the activities of MediaLab.  The application is controlled through body movements and the player is asked to set the right energy and the right angle of the hadron beam to make the (brain) cancer disappear.

As part of her doctoral thesis, Jenny also built a questionnaire to hand out to visitors in order to examine their user experience. The goal of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of using interactive games and applications in learning processes and exhibitions.

We would like to encourage all CERN people and their visitors to drop in to Microcosm to see the newest exhibits installed, play with HEAL and give their feedback by completing the survey.