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François de Rose (1910-2014)

A founding father of CERN who went on to become President of the CERN Council from 1957 to 1960

François de Rose (1910-2014)

François de Rose on a visit to CERN in 2013 (Image: CERN)

François de Rose, French Ambassador, President of the CERN Council from 1957 to 1960 and subsequently a CERN Council Delegate, passed away in Paris yesterday aged 103.

François de Rose was one of CERN’s founding fathers. After World War II, he rallied to CERN's cause after meeting the great figures of physics, who were convinced that Europe’s reconstruction should be driven by the development of its fundamental research tools. From then on, he was a staunch supporter of the Organization he considered to be one of his finest achievements. His passion for CERN's research endured, and he regularly sent the Organization messages of congratulation. During a visit to CERN in 2010, he promised that he would return when the Higgs boson was discovered,  a promise he kept last year when he came and had lively discussions with his hosts with his characteristic curiosity and spirit.

CERN and the whole particle physics community have lost a steadfast supporter and a very dear friend. CERN conveys its condolences to his family.

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