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Yolande Agnosini (1933 – 2023)

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Yolande Beatrix Agnosini, née Soriano, passed away on Saturday, 8 April at the age of 89. She is now reunited with her husband, Fausto Agnosini, who also worked at CERN.

Yolande spent her entire career at CERN. Following a stint at the computer card punching service, she followed a course of study that enabled her to join the journals service at the CERN Library. Her colleagues appreciated her many strengths, among them her sociable nature, her smile and her hardworking attitude. She thoroughly enjoyed her different roles and considered CERN to be her second home.

In her retirement, Yolande divided her time between France and Spain and took up a new hobby: painting. Despite having no previous experience, she soon discovered a true gift for art, starting off with landscapes and moving on to portraits, which were incredibly true to life. Her work (some of which is reproduced below) was displayed at CERN in a very successful exhibition.

home.cern,Personalities and History of CERN
Some of Yolande's works, which she painted during her retirement. (Image: CERN)