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Administrative Circular No. 11 (Rev. 7) – Categories of Members of the Personnel


Administrative Circular No. 11 (Rev. 7), entitled “Categories of Members of the Personnel”, approved by the Director-General, is now available via the following link.

This revision cancels and replaces Administrative Circular No. 11 (Rev. 6), entitled “Categories of Members of the Personnel”, dated September 2018.

The main modifications are summarised below:

  1. Introduction of a new subcategory of associates: experiment associates (new paragraph 23 of AC11)

    The new paragraph details the profile and level of expertise required of experiment associates (EXAS) and specifies the minimum and maximum duration of their contract and appointment.

    23. Experiment Associates shall be scientists, engineers or technicians admitted by the Organization to contribute specialised technical or coordination expertise on behalf of their home institution to the execution of experiment-related activities designated by the experiment collaboration, under an agreement between the Organization, as Host Laboratory, and their home institution. They shall be employed by their home institution. The minimum duration of an appointment as an experiment associate shall be six months. The total maximum duration of an appointment as an experiment associate shall not exceed eight years.”
  2. Mandatory break for the payment of a subsistence allowance

    The introduction of the new subcategory had to be included in paragraph 40 (now 41) regarding mandatory breaks. It is specified that a break of payment will not apply in case of transition from a project associate (PJAS) contract to an EXAS contract.
  3. Other minor changes

    Other minor changes include, inter alia, the introduction of the notion of the cost-of-living allowance (COLA), in a manner similar to what was already done in the Staff Rules (footnote to article S V 1.01), and the updating of subsistence allowance amounts in annex 1.

Paragraphs 18, 24 (now 25) and 31 (now 32) of the Circular have also been amended to align the wording regarding the obligation of associated members of the personnel (MPA) to maintain a legal link with their home institution throughout the duration of their contract of association.

The revised Circular has entered into force on 1 January 2022.