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Operational Circular No. 7 (Rev. 2) – Telework


Operational Circular No. 7 (Rev. 2) entitled "Telework", approved by the Director-General, is now available via the following link.

This revision cancels and replaces Operational Circular No. 7 (Rev. 1) entitled "Telework” dated November 2016.

This circular is an evolution of our current framework, incorporating lessons learned from the COVID‑19 pandemic and implementing the principles endorsed at the Extended Directorate of 9 March 2021, which simplify, streamline and increase flexibility whilst maintaining the focus of work on the CERN site.

The main modifications are:

  • The introduction of telework opportunities also for Associated Members of the Personnel;
  • The setting up of one single procedure for both regular and occasional telework;
  • The introduction of a new general limit for telework of 40% of the contractual working time, in any two-week period.

The revised Circular will enter into force on 1 September 2021 and will be implemented taking into account the COVID 19 measures in place (https://hse.cern/content/scales-all).

Members of the personnel are invited to consult the CERN Admin e-guide for more details on implementation, including an FAQ and support for supervisors, at link.