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Policy on personnel travelling together


In addition to the duty travel rules established by AC33, a policy on personnel travelling together was issued in January 2022. It aims at strengthening controls in favour of CERN’s duty of care responsibility and ensure business continuity.

The Directorate has thus decided that no more than three Directors (Director-General included) should travel together (by plane, train, car, etc.). Similarly, as a general guideline, it is recommended that no more than 60% of the personnel belonging to the same department/group/section should travel together on a duty trip.

A warning report has been put in place with the help of the Business Computing group (FAP-BC). This report, sent by email to the relevant departmental travel manager, will be triggered from the EDH Travel document every time it identifies that the above ceilings are exceeded for any given department/group/section. This will have no direct consequence on travel arrangements and implementation details of this guideline are left to the discretion of department heads and group leaders.

Members of the personnel are informed that they benefit from a travel assistance provided by International SOS when going on duty travel. This assistance, both medical and security related, can be used at any time before, during or after the trip through its CERN Portal or its mobile app.

Questions can be addressed to Departmental Travel Managers.