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Stick’AIR sticker for motorised vehicles in Geneva - Additional information

In addition to the information provided in November 2019 (see article in Bulletin No. 48-49/2019 dated 27 November 2019), the Permanent Mission of Switzerland has communicated the following additional details:

Entry into force
From 15 January 2020, during periods of smog, the city of Geneva and the communes of Carouge, Cologny, Lancy and Vernier, may refuse access to the most polluting vehicles. All vehicles driven within the defined area will therefore need to display a Stick’AIR sticker indicating the vehicle’s environmental performance category on a scale of 0 to 5. A grace period will apply until 31 March 2020 to allow drivers time to acquire the sticker. From that date onwards, checks will be carried out by the police, who may issues fines of up to 500 CHF for non-compliance. Vehicles registered in other Swiss cantons or abroad are also affected.

Vehicles registered on diplomatic (CD) or consular (CC) plates, vehicles with a sticker or badge for disabled parking, vehicles for the professional transport of people, and cycles, mopeds and electric bicycles are exempt from the obligation to display a Stick’AIR sticker. All other vehicles, regardless of the status of the driver, are subject to the Stick’AIR requirement.

Obtaining a Stick’AIR sticker
The Stick’AIR sticker can already be obtained for 5 CHF* from the cash desks of the Office cantonal des véhicules (also known as the Bureau des autos) and will be available from 13 December in most garages, bodywork shops and petrol stations in the canton, as well as from the cash desks of the Fondation des parkings.

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for checking which sticker is appropriate for his or her vehicle via the following website: www.ge.ch/lc/monstickair. The Stick’AIR sticker is valid for the whole lifetime of the vehicle.

The use of public transport will be free of charge across the whole TPG network in the canton of Geneva in the event of a level 2 pollution peak.

The introduction of restrictions by vehicle type and general traffic restrictions in the centre of the urban area will be communicated via signs on the main routes into the area concerned, the media and the R2G2 mobile application: https://air2g2.app/.

For more information about Stick’AIR, the Swiss mission invites you to visit the official website of the canton of Geneva at the following address: https://www.ge.ch/stick-air-circulation-differenciee

* The price of a Stick’AIR sticker is not a tax; it covers only the costs of producing and distributing the sticker.

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