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Coming together to celebrate CERN70


Luciano Musa is coordinator of the CERN 70th anniversary activities

This year has seen a wealth of activities for CERN’s 70th anniversary. More is to still to come, including the CERN70 Community Event on 17 September

CERN’s 70th anniversary is a remarkable milestone, and celebrations at CERN and across Member and Associate Member States have been taking place since the official launch in January 2024.

Naturally, more activities are in store. Registrations have now opened for the dedicated CERN70 Community Event on Tuesday, 17 September on the CERN Meyrin site. The event includes music, food and drink, and of course various forms of entertainment, and all CERN badge holders, including family members and retirees, can register to attend. It will be a perfect occasion to come together to celebrate the achievements of CERN and its international community.

CERN will turn 70 on 29 September, and on 1 October an official ceremony with invited heads of state will honour CERN's legacy as well as look towards to an inspiring future of science and innovation. The ceremony will be broadcast in various locations around the CERN site to enable the community to watch it live.

For those leaving the Geneva area this summer, check out the CERN70 exhibition at Geneva Airport and the many events taking place throughout the world.

Activities that have already taken place across various regions have had a remarkable impact by engaging with diverse communities and fostering scientific curiosity in younger generations. These events not only shine a light on CERN’s achievements, but also underscore CERN’s extraordinary spirit of collaboration across borders, its sharing of knowledge and its unwavering commitment to scientific excellence, training and education.

Videos and recordings of the CERN Science Gateway public events are now available. This series of events, showcased in images below, has highlighted a range of topics across the four main themes of CERN70: pushing back the frontiers of knowledge; advancing science and technology; science without borders; and science for all.

As coordinator of the 70th anniversary celebrations, I find it immensely rewarding to be leading this initiative. I would like to thank everyone involved in the activities so far and the activities still to come. Together we not only look back at groundbreaking discoveries and technological innovations, but also look forward to the ambitions and bright future of particle physics, with many fundamental mysteries yet to be unveiled and new horizons to explore. 

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