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Sights and Sounds – Arts@CERN

CERN cultural specialist Ariane Koek gives a quick roundup of what's coming up for Arts@CERN


Dear Arts Interested at CERN,

A quick roundup to let you know what is coming up for Arts @ CERN.

Last month Collide @ CERN choreographer Gilles Jobin appeared as special guest at Prix de Lausanne – the world's leading ballet awards – to talk about his CERN residency and we also featured at the national showcase for contemporary dance, Swiss Dance Days in Basel, giving a joint presentation on dance and science.

This month, Collide @ CERN is featuring in two Future Trends international publications which are showcasing  and celebrating visionary cutting-edge ideas;  we are developing an international touring Collide @ CERN lecture series with the Onassis Foundation, as well as also speaking at the European Commission DG Connect workshop again following keynote speech to the Director of DG Connect in Brussels last March. Much more coming up too... 

In the meantime, our next Collide @ CERN artist in residence Bill Fontana will be here from the end of June until the end of August 2013. For those of you who don't know, Bill Fontana, one of the world's leading sound artists, has created public soundworks out of iconic locations in many of the world's great cities, including London's Millennium Bridge and Big Ben, San Francisco's Golden Gate and Paris's Arc de Triomphe and has exhibited in many of the world's leading galleries.

He came in January for his induction visit 5 months before his residency. Bill was truly wowed by his experience with us, and even made a 24-track recording mixing the sounds of Linac, POPS, the proton source and other places together on his train ride back to Paris where he is turning another iconic structure, the Eiffel Tower, into a musical instrument.

See if you can distinguish the different sounds of CERN in his 24-track sketch

"The visit to CERN was inspiring and renewing. It put me back in touch with myself," says Bill. "Being at CERN and having the conversations and then intensely listening and recording was like going on a spiritual retreat."

Last week we judged with the City and Canton of Geneva the Collide @ CERN Geneva competition and we have found our new film maker in residence. The new film maker will be announced at the end of March. Collide @ CERN artists this year are all experts in sight and sound – so watch and listen.

Very best wishes to you all,