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The Third Collide@CERN-Geneva prize in Music and Sound awarded to two artists

Geneva, 29 April 2014. CERN1, the City and the Canton of Geneva have awarded the third Collide @ CERN-Geneva prize2 jointly for the first time to two artists - the guitarist Vincent Hanni3 who is a member of the band The Young Gods and the installation artist Rudy Decelière4.

The award was made for their detailed proposal to explore in sound how the analogue developed into the digital world at CERN, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary.

In awarding the artistic duo the Collide @ CERN -Geneva prize, the jury5 recognised the entry by Rudy Decelière and Vincent Hanni as “being comprehensive and of great quality with strong attention to detail, and dedicated to their creative wish to explore the similarities and differences between the worlds of fundamental research and those of music/sound composition.”

"We're delighted to welcome not just one, but two artists for our sixth artist-in-residency in the Collide @ CERN programme", said CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer. "In our 60th anniversary year, we are eager to see how this artistic duo investigates the past and present of our laboratory with their eyes and ears."

Rudy Decelière and Vincent Hanni, who are expected to take up their three-month CERN residency in autumn 2014, said: “We are overjoyed about this residency and the future collaborations which can only enrich our research and our work. Also, having been at CERN’s kindergarten as a child, Vincent is particularly touched by the idea of returning soon to the place of his dreams.”

They are the third winners of the Collide @ CERN-Geneva award, which began in 2011 with a three-year partnership between CERN and the City and the Canton of Geneva.

The duo will have a scientific partner specially selected for them during their induction before the residency begins. This scientific partner will provide them with inspiration throughout their residency, which will also be described in a blog so that the public can follow their creative processes and encounters at the laboratory, including the interventions that every winning artist makes.

The residency is funded by the City and the Canton of Geneva in partnership with CERN. The insurance of all artists participating in the programme is sponsored by UNIQA SA.


Ariane Koek, CERN cultural specialist

For more information: Collide@CERN website

1. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the world's leading laboratory for particle physics. It has its headquarters in Geneva. At present, its member states are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Romania is a candidate for accession. Serbia is an associate member in the pre-stage to membership. India, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, Turkey, the European Commission and UNESCO have observer status.
2. Collide @ CERN-Geneva is the second component of the three-year Collide @ CERN artist-in-residence programme launched by CERN in 2011. The prize, which is jointly funded by the City and the Canton of Geneva, is open to artists who were born or who live or work in the Geneva area. It comprises a three-month residency at CERN, with a fixed grant of 15,000 CHF for the artist and a further fixed grant of 15,000 CHF for development costs. This will be shared between the two artists.
3. Vincent Hanni was born in Geneva in 1972. A professional guitarist, he has always been passionate about sound and experimental work. He has played with the group the Young Gods since 2007, with whom he has made several albums, which were produced internationally. He has composed music for more than 30 films, theatre and dance pieces, having collaborated with many Swiss experimental artists including Jacques Demierre, Peter Mettler, Maya Bosch, La Cave 12 and Cindy Van Acker. http://www.younggods.com/cms/front_content.php
4. Rudy Decelière was born in 1979 in Tassin-La-Demi-Lune, France and lives and works in Geneva. He explores the art of sound principally through site-specific installations which are placed both in outside and internal spaces and which work within their architectural settings (Bex & Arts 2011, Abbey Bellelay 2012, Jenisch Museum 2013). Enriched by his experience as a sound technician for films and as a sound designer for interdisciplinary works, he works mainly with concrete sounds, which are made abstract and stretch the limits of the listener. http://www.rudydeceliere.net/
5. The members of the jury for the music and sound category of the 2014 Collide @ CERN-Geneva prize were: Dominique Berlie, Conseiller Culturel, Livre et édition, musiques actuelles, service culturel City of Geneva; Marcus Gentinetta
 Conseiller Culturel, 
Musique & musées Republic and Canton of Geneva; Emmanuelle Dorsaz, Festival Manager of Headfun (Electron Festival and Présences Electroniques Genève); Ariane Koek, International Arts, CERN; Michael Doser, CERN scientist and member of the CERN Cultural Board.